Grading Policy

Grade Forgiveness Policy

Any student may retake a maximum of two courses (once each), in order to establish effective proficiency in that area. After completion, the student may then request a grade forgiveness through the Registrar’s Office. The previous course listing will remain on the transcript, but the grade will then change to “R”; thus it will not be computed in the final grade point average. The new grade obtained from repeating the course will be on the transcript and will be used for computing the final G.P.A. if it is higher or the same as the forgiven grade. If the new grade is lower than the first grade, both grades will remain on the transcript and both will be computed into the G.P.A. but only one of the two will be counted toward graduation.

Grading System

A Excellent 90-100 4 Grade Points
B Good 80-89 3 Grade Points
C Average 70-79 2 Grade Points
D Poor 60-69 1 Grade Point
F Failure 0-59 0 Grade Points

I-A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is requested by the student when he is unable to complete a course due to extenuating circumstances, such as completing a paper or taking an exam. The instructor must agree to the incomplete. The studen must complete the Incomplete Request Form and pay the $ 25 fee in the Business Office. The incomplete grade must be removed by October 1 for the previous spring or summer semester, February 1 for the previous fall semester or it will revert to an “F”.

IP-A grade of “IP” (in progress) will be assigned for a course (Internship’s only) that is still in progress. The IP grade must be removed by end of the Fall semester if the student has an IP in the Summer semester, by the end of Spring semester if the student has an IP in the Fall semester, and by the end of the Summer semester if the student has an IP in the Spring semester or it will revert to an “F”.

R-A grade given which indicates that a credit attempt was not acceptable. A Retake grade earns no grade points and is not computed in the grade point average. An “R” is also indicated when a course has been repeated and a student has invoked the forgiveness policy.

W-Withdrawal is indicated on the final grade sheet if the student withdrew himself/herself from the class during the designated withdrawal period, completed the required paperwork, and paid the required fee. The grade is not computed in the grade point average.

P-A grade given for transferred credit, or credit-by-examination. No grade points are assigned but hours toward the degree are earned.

WP/WF-Withdraw Passing and Withdrawal Failing may be indicated on the final grade sheet if the designated Withdrawal period is over and ONLY at the discretion of the instructor. No more than two (2) Withdrawal Failing grades are allowed during a Bachelors program and no more than one (1) is allowed during an Associates program. A WP/WF grade is not computed in the grade point average.

The grade point average is computed as in the following example:

Course Credit Hours Att Grade Grade Point Value Credit Hours Earned Total Quality Points
ENG111 3 C 2 3 6
CIS101 3 D 1 3 3
MAT121 3 F 0 0 0
BIO101 3 B 3 3 9
MGT250 3 A 4 3 13
12 30

30 divided by 15 = 2.00 Grade Point Average