Technical Requirements

Hardware/Software Technical Requirements:

As a student in the our online degree program, you must have a computer system capable of running all required application software (i.e. Microsoft Office Suite) and have high speed Internet access.

Moodle is the online classroom management system used by SAU. Some students choose to remote access into the SAU network system. Various browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) interact with Moodle and remote access into our network system in different ways — sometimes not productively; therefore, SAU recommends Google Chrome as your web browser.

Some of the online courses may require you to watch online videos or to create a PowerPoint slide presentation with embedded audio of your speech. The syllabus will state whether any specialty hardware is required for the course. Specialty hardware might include:

  • Sound card & speakers
  • USB Microphone headset to record your speech and listen to the playback.
  • USB Video camera

Some applications may require that the following programs are installed on your computer system: Adobe Flash player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave player, Java, Quicktime, etc.

Programs within Microsoft Office are used in most online courses to complete assignments. If you do not have access to Microsoft Office or the individual programs, either purchase the software, or use remote access into the Webber network system and use the software on the student system.

  • All written documents must be submitted in Word format.
  • All spreadsheet files must be submitted in Excel format.
  • All slide presentations must be submitted in PowerPoint format.